Most modern machinery in today’s factories are controlled by Programmable Logic  controllers (PLC’s) and the ability to programme and utilise support equipment is vital in modern industries to maximise machinery up time. Omron are a main provider of PLC’s to UK industry and utilise CX Programmer software provide modern and efficient control systems. Solutions Engineered Excellence can provide your staff with on site support and training in Omron PLC’s and CX programmer support equipment.



Fanuc provide a full range of robots to industry and Solutions Engineered Excellence can provide programming support for RG and RJ robots to keep these expensive assets  running and utilised to their maximum benefit. We can also support Natchi robots through our associates, so if you have a problem with your Fanuc or Natchi robot or require programming support or training then please call or email with details of Robot Make, Type and a description of the problem. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.



Leadership is fundamental to the success of a business and good leadership principles can be taught and clearly link to an improvement in a companies bottom line. The ability for managers to use leadership skills to get more from their people while making them feel more involved and empowered when they are in the work environment can have amazing results to productivity. Solutions Engineered Consultants have all worked in top level management positions and understand the edge that leadership and man management can bring to a business. With backgrounds in training leadership in world class industries and utilising sound leadership principles to increase moral and profitability in the workplace, Solutions Engineered Excellence can help train and mentor your key people to improve their leadership skills.


Lean Transformation, tools and techniques

Solutions Engineered Excellence consultants are well versed in Lean Tools and improvement techniques as well as being able to introduce them into businesses and ensure they are embedded and sustained to deliver constant returns to your business. The lean tool bag is full of many tools and far too often they are bought off the shelf with some short term impact but no consistent change to the bottom line. Where we can help is by ensuring that a clear company analysis (Health Check) is done, highlighting what and where the issues are in your business and what lean tools should be utilised and in what order.
This Company Improvement Plan will be led and championed by Solutions Engineered Excellence consultants to ensure that the right areas are tackled and through communication and training where required these tools will be embedded and sustained in your business long after we have left. So if you want to start your lean journey or move  your company along that road call us and you will SEE the difference.


Policy Deployment

Its great having a strategy and a vision but many companies find it difficult to realise these ambitions. If this rings true to you then policy deployment may
be the solution for you. Solutions Engineered Excellence consultants are well versed in helping companies generate clear visions for their organisations
whilst also mentoring them in the steps required to be taken to make these visions actually come about through a tried and tested approach.



Good management is the backbone of a business and managers need management skills as well as Leadership skills. Often we promote staff into management positions who have no formal training in good management techniques. Solutions Engineered Excellence consultants have all worked in top level management positions and can train your managers in new and old in management techniques from correct governance to KPI tree setting. We can mentor individuals on a 1-2-1 basis or can work with teams of managers to provide interactive training bespoke to the particular issues of your business.


Improvement Techniques

In today’s fast moving and competitive markets a business’ ability to continuously improve in all it does is paramount in staying ahead of the competition. Our Consultants are well versed in Improvement Techniques such as Kaizen and Lean as well as the cultural changes required to bring about a continuous improvement culture. So if you want to bring about continuous improvement in your business or need a boost to your existing improvement processes.