Case Studies

Cultural Change

A client in the construction industry after going through an extended period of restructuring and staff reductions was faced with high turnover and low morale of their staff. The move to improve the culture within the business involved clear analysis of the key issues of reduced morale and high turnover followed by the formulation of a strategy to move the business forward by changing the culture from within. This involved pilot training interventions with senior management before finalising a programme of highly interactive, learning based  training  interventions. These covered areas such as induction, cross functional team working and leadership skills.




Process Improvement

A client in the Formula 1 race industry was failing to meet exacting quality standards and production delivery requirements during previous race seasons resulting in a lower position in driver and constructor tables. Analysis of root cause to these issues resulted in changes to composite component inspections and a piece of work conducted to significantly reduce the overall time to build key components such as the cockpit assembly. This resulted in significant savings in time allowing more design iterations and better quality component manufacture.




Business Performance Improvement

Attendance management is often an issue to businesses that managers often find difficult to deal with. Our client a train operator was having a high level of absenteeism in certain areas of their business having a detrimental impact to their service delivery. By mentoring key managers in process adherence and improving the attendance management process, there was an overall increase in attendance of 1.1% resulting in reduction in absenteeism cover and an improvement to service provision.






A client producing large quantities of flat pack furniture was seeing reduced output but at the same time increased costs particularly in energy consumption across their key manufacturing site. Analysis of the issues exposed shortcomings in the overall co ordination of the key factories on the site. A management centre was developed and all managers were trained and mentored on the visual management techniques employed within this centre. A new governance process was introduced that gave more real time information to managers allowing them to make informed decisions. This resulted in significant reduction in energy costs due to reductions in scrap, downtime across the site.




Programme Delivery

A client in the train manufacturing industry was 18 months behind on a train refurbishment project for one of their key clients resulting in an adversarial relationship being created between them. The client requested we act as the product introduction manager with a brief to facilitate better relations with the client and help deliver the next critical stage of testing of the trains. Testing was important to be co ordinate and passed otherwise the trains would not be accepted back into service within the existing fleet. An onsite presence was established at the receiving train depot to provide one source of truth to the client in relationship to this project. It also acted as the co coordinator of all parties involved in the testing of the trains and produced and monitored the testing plan. A robust governance system and concise communication to the client resulted in greatly improved client working relations as well as a catch back across the project resulting in the four year project completing on time and within budget.




“Ian is an inspirational figure. Able to extract the very best potential form those he interacts with, he has clear business vision and was able to provide insightful strategic guidance which has undoubtedly help to utterly transform this small part of the Public Sector. His drive, enthusiasm and gregarious character set him head and shoulders above his peers and competitors. There are few, if any, to match. I thoroughly recommend him, without reservation.”

Head of Stations – Transport for London

“I worked with Mignon when I performed the role of liaison between IT and the Business. Mignon is an individual who does not need prompting or to be micro-managed in order to perform her duties. She is a results-driven, trustworthy, reliable and highly professional person. She is able to work in a team but functions as well on an individual basis. She is a person who takes the initiative and has the ability to realise strategies, i.e., she is able to implement the ideas or strategies required by an organisation. 

She is an excellent communicator, organiser and excels in her project delivery. I believe that the above qualities, coupled with her technical and IT knowledge qualifies her for a role as a Project Manager or Programme Manager. 

She is a valuable resource and will be an asset to any organisation. I recommend her without hesitation.”

IT Channel Support Operations Manager, Cell C (Pty) Ltd