Business Consulting

Business Process Improvement

Processes are the life blood of a business and for that reason the impact of poor processes in businesses can have a detrimental impact on performance and profits. Solution Engineered Excellence consultants have years of experience in developing business processes from scratch as well as optimising existing process. These improvements combined with clear governance will ensure a clear return on investment.


Performance Improvement

In today’s competitive global markets performance improvement is an essential skill to develop in your organisation. Solutions Engineered Excellence consultants have backgrounds in continuous improvement and performance improvement skills developed in global leaders in the field such as Nissan and Toyota. Where ever your performance is faltering Solutions Engineered Excellence consultancy will help you identify the root cause and implement world class solutions to provide the required performance improvement.


Senior Coaching And Mentoring

A management position can be lonely, but the ability to have consultants that have world class experience across many industries and are MBA qualified available to consult with can help senior managers gain a different prospective on their business issues. Many of our consultants have mentored CEO’s and COO’s of large international businesses and can help you with your business problems.


Cultural Change

To bring about real and sustained improvements in a business cultural change is often required and must be brought about if change is to be embedded and sustained
within the work force. Organisational behaviour like individual behaviour can be very complex to understand and diagnose. Let Solutions Engineered Excellence consultants
help you with this critical requirement when trying to bring about change in your organisation.


Project/Programme Delivery

Programme delivery as opposed to project delivery or management is fraught with all the issues of projects but with the added complexity of managing resources, budgets and interdependent planning possibly across several projects or work streams. An understanding of the key drivers and methods for making the right decisions across programmes for the best end result is essential if the right outcomes are to be realised. Solutions Engineered Excellence consultants have provided programme management and support to programme managers across a wide range of industries and are well placed to mentor your key staff on a one to one basis or train groups of individuals in the skills required.